Demon Gaze II has finally been given a release date in Japan!

In a follow up to everything we have covered concerning exactly what Demon Gaze II is, to roughly when we can expect it, we can now share with you the exact date the title will be launching on Eastern shores!

Kadokawa Games announced at their Summer press conference today that Demon Gaze II will not only be unleashed upon the Japanese public in the latter half of the year, but those people lucky enough to have pre-ordered the game will also have a ‘Best of Demon Gaze‘ music selection soundtrack also included in their purchase. This CD will include music from Demon Gaze and Demon Gaze II. Nice!

Also, here is the debut trailer for Demon Gaze II.

And if that’s not enough to whet your appetite then you can always bowl over to the game’s official site right here!

Now all we need is a localisation for us Western demons!

Demon Gaze II will launch for PS Vita in Japan on October 13th for 6,300 yen.

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  • Kaboom

    Hoping for a Westward release.