The developer team behind that limited physical release company we all know and love is now helping Sekai Project get more games onto Unity (and by extension, Vita).

So first of all, Mighty Rabbit Studios has announced that they’re pairing up with localization team Sekai Project to port games from one of the most used visual novel engines to Unity.

Here’s the tweet;

Great news right?

Making it so games made in Ren’Py can be easily moved to Unity means that Sekai Project (and likely others) will be able to bring more visual novel titles to platforms which support the ubiquitous engine. Many visual novels run on Ren’Py, so it would certainly go a long way towards getting some of those Sekai Project titles we’ve already been promised into our hands.

Plus, being that Mighty Rabbit is also behind Limited Run Games, it’s also possible we’ll see some physically. 😉

What’s your take on the news? Are you excited? Let us know in the comments!

  • Lester Paredes

    That’s cool. Visual novels aren’t my favorite, but I know someone out there will be very happy.

    • Martin

      I for one, am definitely happy.