Koei Tecmo has revealed another weapon-focused trailer for the upcoming Toukiden 2, this time focusing on the kusarigama.

If you’re wondering what a kusairgama is, it’s a cahin with a sickle-like bladed weapon attached to the end. It’s sort of like a multi-weapon, as it can be used at short range (holding the weapon directly), long range (swinging it via the chain), and even as a defensive advantage (using the chain to block or restrain your opponent). Toukiden 2 seems to use it to its full advantage, as the video below shows quite a bit of that in action.

Check it out;

Toukiden 2 is due out July 28th in Japan.

  • Dirty Geeza

    Yes Sir Ree………. Ive bought Toukiden Kawamii ages ago …and only played it about 5 = 6 hours … Been Busy smashing my ps4 since i got it …. but watching this video has got me in the mood to slash up some giant beasts……………. Gunna grab This For My Collection the day it comes out !!!