Prepare for take off as Infinite State Games release the teaser trailer for Wing Kings!

Fans of Luftrausers may want to take note of the upcoming arcade shoot ’em up that will be making its way to Sony’s handheld, as it seems to be very similar to the popular indie dogfighting title.

Even though details are scarce on the ground (or the air for that matter) this aerial combat roguelike looks like it will be scratching that arcade itch for fans of the genre!

Players have three planes and one life at their disposal in order to see how far they can get into Wing Kings before annihilation.

You can land at friendly bases in order to re-stock on ammunition and repair your plane. Being shot down also doesn’t necessarily spell game over as if you manage to eject in time your pilot will automatically be transported to a friendly base in order to take off on the next plane available.

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Wing Kings will be released on both PS Vita and PlayStation 4.

  • Buckybuckster

    Reminds me of this one PSP mini game I owned that I can’t remember the name of. Same premise tho’. That one had tons of different aircraft from biplanes to flying saucers. Was a fun little game so I may have to check this out.