More details have arrived on the Toukiden 2 official website with new information on characters in the game and some of the games systems.

Below you can check out some screenshots of characters along with some background on each of them from the official website.

Toukiden-2_RaizouVice chief of the samurai unit. While the title he assumes is despised by everyone, he strives in his professional duties without loss of pride and inspires his subordinates with his silence. He’s awkward and unwilling to be versatile, but abundant in faith.

Toukiden-2_ShikiA strategist of the Holy Mount. He is a mysterious person with an unknown past, but with a strong influence on the Holy Mount, who comes to Mahoroba Village to mobilise the “Kingun” unit to supervise the Slayers. His true purpose is unknown.

Toukiden-2_TenkoStrange creatures that you’ll come across in the village of Slayers. It seems to have a unique ecosystem, but its origin is shrouded in mystery. It is a very clever creature able to understand human speech, who live leisurely and harmoniously while helping the people of the village.

Toukiden-2_MarionettesAutonomous figures that are relics of a super ancient civilisation. Many act as protectors of the historic ruins, but the majority are broken and cannot move. While investigating the historic ruins, Hakase repairs a marionette that she finds, who assists her in her work.

We also got more details on a couple of new Oni appearing in the new game.

Toukiden-2_AmatsumitsutsukaA female-type “Oni” with large wings. It glides as to travel the sky, and can fire powerful attacks of heavenly power. It is known to be highly intelligent, and many villages have been destroyed by Amatsumitsutsuka flying over.

Toukiden-2_SenzanouA majestic “Oni” with four arms. It is known to have great power, and has an anecdote that has defeated many Slayers. As someone with experienced skill, the beast makes a worthy opponent for someone who wants to make a name for themselves.

As well as the characters and Oni we also got some more details for a couple of systems in the game, Tenko and Marionettes. Whilst on your adventure you can rescue Tenko from the Oni.

After being saved the Tenko will wait for you back home and will essentially become your pet that you can name and care for. By giving a Tenko snacks you can raise the “high spirits” and the “affection” stats. Like any good pet would do, with high enough affection you may receive gifts from your Tenko.

Toukiden-2_06-02-16_Tenko Snack

Tenko who have reached the maximum “high spirits” they’ll be able to come with you on your adventures. They wont be able to join you on on Command Centre and Slayer Headquarters missions however.

Toukiden-2_06-02-16_Tenko gift

Tenko seem like a nice if forgettable part of the game, building a bond with Tenko is nice but it’ll be interesting to see how helpful they are during the game.

Marionettes are sent out by the player to gather materials in various areas. Depending on the discovery ability of the Marionette you can gain plenty of new materials to use.

Toukiden-2_06-02-16_Marionette 1

Whilst out collecting, the Marionette can take damage from fighting. As it takes damage the capability of the Marionette decreases but thankfully you’ll be able to repair them between dispatch missions.

Toukiden-2_06-02-16_Marionette 2

You’ll be able to upgrade the Marionettes to increase their ability as well. There are three main abilities to strengthen, the exploration ability increases the chance of success whilst on dispatch. The battle ability will increase the endurance of the Marionette whilst out exploring. Finally the discovery ability can be upgraded to help increase the chances of coming back with more materials from a mission.

So there you have it, plenty of new details for Toukiden 2. Let us know what you think in the comments. Toukiden 2 is due out on PS4, PS3 and PS Vita on July 28th in Japan.

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