Though don’t expect it any time soon…

Monochrono has been unveiled by developer 4 Corner Games. The twin-stick shooter will head to everyones favourite handheld gaming device at some point in 2017.

An interesting feature of the game will be the fact that players can manipulate time to defeat enemies. 4 Corner Games said this about their upcoming title:

Monochrono is a twin-stick shooter broken into ten second chunks, with hundreds of independently intelligent enemies on screen and a clear mission. Players can, at any point, hold down a button to slow down time in the world by a factor of three, providing the essential hook of the game: players can strategize, position themselves appropriately, and release the button to hit their enemies. Because the player them self is not slowed down by the mechanic, it provides an essential layer of strategy that the game is built around.

Although it is currently very early in the games development, we do know that there will be a full campaign, survival mode, challenge mode as well as a local multiplayer feature.

The developer will be keeping everyone updated constantly throughout Monochrono’s developement, with 4 Corner Games promising development blogs, screenshots and frequent gameplay videos via their various social media channels and official website.

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  • Buckybuckster

    After viewing the teaser, I can honestly say I have no idea what to feel about this. Happy? Sad? Intrigued? Meh? I do feel somewhat underwhelmed ‘tho’ .