We get a look at some off-screen “Pie Education” gameplay and some new screenshots from the upcoming Genkai Tokki: Seven Pirates.

The Genkai Tokki series YouTube channel has posted up a brand new gameplay video, featuring a look at Seven Pirates’ breast growth system. Dubbed “Pie Education” due to the word ‘breast’ being ‘oppai’ in Japanese, it has to do with upgrading the stats of your character through the manipulation of their breast size and shape.

Interested? Check out the gameplay and the newly revealed screenshots below.

Genkai Tokki: Seven Pirates is due out August 4th in Japan.

  • Ver JJ

    Will it come to the west?

  • Marius Henriksen

    Hoping for western release.

    • Kaetokiha

      Better pray for Asian release with eng subs.

    • j0eeyy_p

      It could happen, but not if it has to be censored. The niche audience wouldn’t buy the game otherwise, especially as Moe Chronicle has proven there is an alternative to a full-on localisation.

  • Lester Paredes

    Keeping an eye on this one. The mechanics are ridiculous, but the underlying rpg could be awesome. Plus: pirates!