E3 has brought another PlayStation Vita announcement, as Desert Owl Games’ Pox Nora has been confirmed for release on our favourite portable.

Arthur Griffith – CEO of Desert Owl Games – took to the PlayStation Blog this week for the E3 recap, revealing his online PC title Pox Nora would be coming to Vita. A game which sees you using collectible cards in a tactical strategy RPG setting, Pox Nora offers single player campaigns, CPU battles, and player vs player (PvP) matches among its modes – with over 2,700 hand-illustrated cards to use in play.

Pox Nora will reportedly even allow you to share all your awesome combos and moves with your friends, and has been confirmed to come to the platform with a freshly updated interface, an in-game rune manager, a store, a deck builder, and even some new in-development expansions. Oh, and did we mention it’s cross play with the PC version as well as the coming PlayStation 4 version? That too!

Check it out in action via the E3 introduction trailer below;

Packed with 100’s of hours of gameplay possibilities, Pox Nora is headed to the Vita this Summer – so your wait for this one isn’t going to be long at all!

  • Ogerscherge

    coooool! This looks sweet! D

  • Kevin Aaronson

    It looks incredible, but I hope it’s not pay 2 win.

  • Lester Paredes

    Now that looks like a card game for me! The last card game I thoroughly enjoyed were the two Metal Gear Ac!d games for psp… and I can’t play them any more… not without some sneaky workarounds…