Hello everyone, and welcome to the first ever VITAlity weekly news update. I’m Kyle Wakeling, and I’ll be your host for the foreseeable future. 😉

Today, and every Friday until there is no news left, I’ll be updating you on the PlayStation Vita news bits from the week – keeping you informed as to release dates, game announcements, and other important tidbits in a nice little video update. I will not however be giving you all the information, or all the bits of news, as that job belongs to the website.

I’m looking to hit a run time of around five minutes a pop with VITAlity videos, though I’m willing to run up to nine minutes for busy weeks. The update will never be more than ten minutes long though, and that’s my promise; I want to make sure you can get caught up on a short break from anything you’re busy doing.

Interested? Here’s update #1

An episode of VITAlity will go live every Friday morning, exclusively via YouTube video – so make sure to subscribe to our channel or check back Fridays to get your weekly dose of Vita news catch up. Also watch out for a VITAlity page akin to the one for The Vita Cast – which should be up soon!

What do you think guys, are you up for a little VITAlity in your life?

  • Joshua Simpkins

    Attaboy, Wakeling. Keep up the outstanding work and updates with all that dedication to the Vita. You my boy, playa!

  • Steve Jaworski

    Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii loik it!

  • Lorenzo Samaniego

    Well done!