Compile Heart has updated its website with the latest details for dungeon crawler Divine Prison Tower: Mary Skelter. This latest update gives details on the Liberation District and the Dawn Liberation Front that runs it.

Within the Living Prison there is an area called Liberation District where people have managed to carve out a safe area away from the custody of the Marchen and other monsters.


The Dawn Liberation Front is a human group who’s main aim is to fight against the Marchen and other Nightmares. They’re based in the Liberation District and act as it’s government. They also do research and provide medical treatment for those living there. There are many members of this organisation and here’s some more detail and artwork for some of the key members.


Dr. Toshima has been researching Jail for a long time, since the foundation of Dawn. Although he appears calm he desperately wants to escape jail.


Hal is a weapons mechanic who makes weapons for the Chishiki Girls Squad. He’s rude and has a bad attitude but still cares about Jack and the Chisiki Girls.


Miko Ueshima is calm and responsible and acts as a big sister to the other girls. She works with the Doctor to investigate Jail.


Korara is a young girl who assists Hal. She helps to run the shop which sells tools and weapons.


Eien Kadowaki guards the entrance to Liberation District. Although he’s always smiling he does have an air of intimidation surrounding him.


Divine Prison Tower: Mary Skelter is set to release October 13th in Japan. Keep checking back to The Vita Lounge for the latest updates on this!