If you’re looking for a physical copy of Octodad, today’s the day to grab one (while supplies last)!

Just over a week ago we told you about the release dates for three coming Limited Run Games titles, and now the first of those titles has come up for release; Octodad: Dadliest Catch.

Priced at $24.99, Octodad goes on sale today, with orders going up at 7am Pacific for its first batch, and 3pm Pacific for its second (and final) batch. If that’s not clear enough time-wise, we’ve got countdowns going below. 😉

Time ’til the first release;

[tminus t= “19-06-2016 15:00:00”]It already happened, check the time ’til the second release.[/tminus]

Time ’til the second release;

[tminus t= “19-06-2016 23:00:00”]It already happened.[/tminus]

You can find the game on their store here.

Will you be picking one up (or trying to, as there are only 3500 copies)?

Let us know what’s up in the comments below!

  • Joshua Simpkins

    I’m going to try my best to snag a copy of Octodad for Vita…

    • DCGX

      Um, do you not understand their name?

      • Joshua Simpkins

        I understand their name perfectly fine. I just don’t see why the company can’t take pre-orders so they can be paid up front, fulfill said pre-orders with product on release date, then do a limited physical game release to the rest of the world whom didn’t take the opportunity to pre-order the game.

        A complete oversight on Limited Run Games part if you ask me.

        • Johnnie

          Uh actually, the point of their entire endeavor is to create a very limited amount of copies for people to buy A) because their entire outfit is dependent on selling every last copy, B) to create collectible physical copies for people who want to collect and C) giving everyone the same chance at the same time on a first come first serve basis, and they do so to the best of their ability.

          The oversight is you believing there should be a preorder system for such a limited amount of copies. I’ve managed to snag a copy of every single limited run and all I did was sign in at the designated time.

          • Joshua Simpkins

            Some of us gamers have what’s called a “job / career” and a “life” and we are unable to sit idle by our computers or mobile devices while we wait for a timer to count down just to order a game on a “first come first serve basis”. That is where the pre-order system comes into play and makes perfect sense in regards to the business aspect.

            Obviously you are a fan of the company, beings you bought every single released game Limited Run Games have offered. I can see why you would come in all “White Knight” to their defense. However, I’m more interested in what they have to say in regards to this matter, rather than some fan of their company has to say on their behalf.

          • Johnnie

            You can take your pretentious assumptions and keep them to yourself buddy, you have no idea who I am. I have a job, a wife, I go to school, I don’t sit ideally by waiting for a timer to countdown. I get up early for work, so ordering something while I drink my coffee before I leave is not some big huge problem like you’re making it out to be.

            Maybe you should just stick to Gamestop.

          • Joshua Simpkins

            Stick with GameStop?! Man… GTFO with that piss poor advice, playa. Look whom is talking now with making “pretentious assumptions”, hypocrite.

          • Johnnie

            Lol it wasn’t advice, it was an insult. Good luck on your whole having a super busy life with no time for anything, including reading comprehension, it seems.

          • Joshua Simpkins

            Seriously? Get a life and quit attacking me in regards to my initial comment on Kyle’s post. Loser.

          • Johnnie

            Lol you attacked me personally by insinuating I do nothing but stay on the computer all day, have no life and that I’m out to be the white knight for a company, when all I shared was my opinion based on my experiences. Did you know that limited run has changed their policies limiting copies to 1 per platform, per customer to ensure everyone gets a fair shot? Or that they address questions on Twitter? My guess is no, because you shared an uninformed opinion on the Internet. And if you share an uninformed opinion and make dumbass assumptions about those you talk to, and about a subject matter, then be prepared to hear back about it.

            But, ignorance is bliss I guess.

          • Joshua Simpkins

            Yeah you tell me off, you random asshole online that hides behind the anonymity of the internet! I guess I got put in my place now, haven’t I? You hear the sound of that? I’m clapping slowly for you.