The latest visual novel from Chiyomaru Studio, Anonymous;Code, is coming to PS4 and PS Vita in Japan this winter.

The game was first announced way back in March 2015, below is the official story description from the game’s website;

6:28:15, February 6, 2036.

At that time, the 4,294,967,295 seconds limit of the digital standard clock engraved inside every computer in the world from the year 1900 overflowed, and led to a disastrous situation where every defense and attack system malfunctioned.

Like God’s hammer, the roar of the military satellites that rained down to the earth annihilated major cities around the world in the blink of an eye.

New York, London, Shanghai, Moscow, and then Shinjuku. The dawn after such a large-scale disaster was called the “Sad Morning.”

Is this really humanity’s judgment? If that’s the case, who is this person to judge?

Or is this no more than just a prelude to further disaster?

During this indication of unrest, the curtain is raised on the story of Anonymous;Code. The setting is Nakano, Tokyo, the year 2037.

—Hack God.”

Several characters have been unveiled and detailed so far, you can check out screenshots and descriptions below.

Pollon Takaoka


The protagonist of the game. He is part of the Graper (anti-gravity bike) team “Crow” which was formed with his friend Cross and their hacker comrades. His emotions overcome his logic at times, though simplistic he is not self-important. In the moment however he is inspired and focussed.

Momo Aizaki


The heroine of the game. She is innocent, quiet and kind to strangers. However she lacks emotion and her actions are seemingly robotic.

Cross Yumikawa


Partner of Pollon and one of the founders of team “Crow”, he is manly and reliable with an obliging personality. He has a strong sense of justice and likes to call himself the “Chivalrous Thief Hacker”

Juno Saionji


With the nickname “The Ghost” she always appears unexpectedly and is the worlds best hacker.

Bambi Kurashina


Center idol of the “Cyber Force Doll” idol unit, Bambi is persistent and a little clumsy. She is energetic and puts her all into everything she does.

Publisher 5pb. have also revealed various bits of information regarding the terminology and organisations of the world in the game.

The Arecibo Message

Anonymous-Code_Arecibo Message

A message sent into space via radio waves from the Areceibo Astronomical Observatory in 1974. It notes the existence and prosperity of mankind, and is said to be decipherable by a life form with a certain degree of science and technology. This message becomes a key leading to the secrets of the world in Anonymous;Code.

Team Azoth

Anonymous-Code_Team Azoth

A digital detective agency run by Oz who specialises in investigation and negotiation skills and Nonn, a cheeky but skilful hacker. Sometimes they mediate in the hacking work of Pollon.

Brain Machine Interface


Brain Machine Interface (BMI) allows digital information to directly intervene on the brains neural network. By clipping an earring shaped electrode to the top of the ear cartilage, digital data is allowed to enter your field of view. The technology is commonplace in the game and many of the characters utilise it for their hacking.

Cyber Force Doll

Anonymous-Code_Cyber Force Doll

A three person idol unit that act as poster girls Metropolitan Police Departments Cyber Response Division’s Cyber Response Office (That’s a hell of a mouthful). Not only do they work to crack down on cyber crime, they also hold events in various places. As expected they lacked a certain something and were not quite as popular as was hoped.

GAI Computer Corporation

Anonymous-Code_GAI corp

GAI Computer Corporation is an organisation with powerful scientific and technological strength, and an influence felt around the world. With prodigy hacker boy Asuma Soga at its core, GAI Computer developed “GAIA”. Asuma’s subordinates are currently searching the streets of Nakano in order to capture a certain “individual”.

GAIA Earth Simulator

Anonymous-Code_GAIA Sim

An earth simulator developed by the GAI Computer Corporation. The su=imulation utilises fluctuations in the weather and earth’s crust to predict the future of the planet. The computerised earth within the simulator is exactly the same as the real earth, however development was halted at the beginning of the story due to the events of Sad Morning

Vatican Hacker Agent


David Jesue and Rosario Rossallini are hacker agents dispatched from the Vatican. They came to Japan tracking the whereabouts of the head programmer who had disappeared from the Vatican. They are hackers and cool-headed assassins who are devoted to their faith.

The Third Secret of Fatima & Gaudi Code

Anonymous-Code_Third Secret

The “Third Prophecy”, what was told by an oraclein a small village in Portugal in 1917, was concealed by the Vatican because its contents are too shocking. And then, there’s the mysterious magic square of the Sagrada Familia, which is to be completed in 2026 and designed by Gaudi. These urban legends are similar to the Arecibo Message and are tied to the secrets of Anonymous;Code.

You can check out a teaser trailer for the game below.

So what do you think so far of the game? Let us know in the comments below.

Anonymous;Code comes to PS4 and PS Vita this winter in Japan.

  • Buckybuckster

    Not really big into VN’s per se, but it does seem to have the type of narrative I could get into.