The more we get, the weirder they become…

We have been treated to ever so many gameplay videos from Marvelous for the upcoming beat ’em up Uppers, but this weeks duo are possible the strangest.

In case you missed them, previously we brought you the Uppers Rush and Pole Action videos, then it was the turn of the Brute Force and Explosive Objects gameplay footage. Following that we showcased the Wall Destruction and Human Pole Action trailers. Next it was the turn of the Explosion and Human Dunk moves, then the Fire Hydrant and Floor Break.

Finally, slightly more recently, Dropping Helicopter and Evade & Counter then Neon Sign and Horizontal Slam videos were published.

So that is a lot of content to digest, but now we have a couple more to throw into the mix.

Firstly we have “Lucky S. Break & Full Beat ‘em Up”. This feature allows you to ‘accidentally’ get hit into a motorboat position with one of the spectator girls which leads to a power up.

Next we have “Crane Rock”, which is occurs when you hit an enemy into a cargo box.

Uppers will release in Japan on 14th July for PS Vita.

  • Lester Paredes

    I was wondering when the motorboating was going to show up.