Promotional materials for the upcoming musou style Berserk have surfaced, showing off the game itself for the first time.

While we’ve been given a (tentative) name for the game, and a nice little teaser trailer, we still don’t know much about the musou style adaptation of the manga Berserk – which is set to hit PlayStation Vita. That’s about to change slightly, as some new promotional material has shone some light on the subject.

This is the material in question;

As you can see it includes small screens from the upcoming game, as well as a bit of promotional and character art. It also contains a release date, which is listed as “9.21” (September 21st). While that’s still not too much to go on, it’s vastly more than we had so far don’t you think?

Berserk (tentative title) is due out September 21st in Japan, with a Western release planned but not yet detailed.