The simulation game was annouced in this weeks edition of Famitsu.

Neo Atlas 1469, the latest simulation game from Artdink, has been revealed in the latest issue of Weekly Famitsu.

Although imagery for the title is currently limited, we did get an initial explanation of the games concept.

Neo Atlas 1469 is set in Europe during the Age of Discovery, a point in history where the appearance of the world itself was still unclear. You play as a Portuguese merchant, who will carry out trade whilst exploring. The game is classed as a ‘New World Discovery’ simulator where everything is determined by belief or non-belief. The player will need to listen to other explorers and admirals who will tell you tales of the world. But these admirals won’t always tell you the whole truth. Stories may include that of large monsters and other mystical beings, so you’ll have to decide what you deem trustworthy or suspicious.

Once you have heard these tales, you will need to create a map using the stories that you deemed trustworthy. Luckily there will be tutorial throughout to assist you.

For those well educated with their history knowledge, you’ll want to keep an eye out for notable historical figures such as Francisco Perez and Antonio Gomez.

Neo Atlast 1469 is due to release in Japan on October 27th, with the game currently 80% complete. Are you intrigued by the premise? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

  • Kumiko

    Ah, too bad this will most likely never get localized. Playing as a character from my country would be awesome.

  • J-WaitForIt-D

    I know right? That would be awesome!