Introduced just recently, Neo Atlas 1469 now has its first official screenshots thanks to Famitsu’s online preview.

Neo Atlas 1469 is a map-making game where the map you create changes based on what you believe. Throughout the game you will be given information by merchants, and using your powers of deduction you’ll work to pick the right ones to listen to – and the right ones to get you to an accurate map.

Does that sound interesting?

If so, check out the title’s first screens below;

Neo Atlas 1469 is due out in Japan on October 27th.

  • Andromeda

    Interesting? I don’t know, different? definitely, and that’s a good thing, especially coming from Japan.

  • Ogerscherge

    Well, I agree with Andromeda. I’m not sure if the game will be interesting, but since I love ships, I would probably give it a try.
    At the very least I’ll keep it on my radar to hopefully learn more about it soon.