While we got our first hint of a look with the promo material released recently, Famitsu has now released four screenshots for Berserk via their online preview.

The story of Griffith and Guts, Berserk is coming to PlayStation Vita this September in Japan – and we’ve finally got some screenshots to show it off. These four images come courtesy of Famitsu, who recently went live with their online preview.

Check ’em out;

Berserk launches September 21st in Japan, and is headed to the West sometime in the future.

  • Zero Eternity

    huh, that is one way to keep the blood splatters high. Make it look cartoony enough that any complaints from people that would want the blood censored can’t really be taken seriously just like the blood sprays. But then this is just the Japanese release, we’ll see how the Western release goes.

  • Joep

    It looks good.