A new trailer followed the announcement.

The latest entry into the One Piece gaming library released for PS Vita earlier this month. Burning Blood released to strong reviews, with Charlie commenting that ‘it is a good fighting game that will appeal to fans of the anime whilst still being simple enough for newcomers to pick up and play’.

Today Bandai Namco have annouced they will be introducing three new playable characters into the mix and better still, they will be added as free DLC. But the developer want the players to decide who will join the fray, with the choices being:

Caesar Clown
Don Krieg
Monkey D. Garp
Nefeltari Vivi
Rob Lucci
SeƱor Pink

The top three most voted for characters will be added as DLC within the next few months. To have your say, visit the newly launched website, where the voting has begun.

In celebration of the new additions, a new trailer was also revealed, giving each characters a chance to prove their worth.

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  • Yoyitsu

    Diamante, Magellan and Caesar Clown.

  • Alaka’i Lester

    I’m hoping for at least Vergo, Kuro, or Kaku to make one of the three slots!

  • Slizarus

    I also hoped you could vote for 3, so I voted for Cavendish but I think Kuro and Lucci would have been great choices.