Thanks to the newly opened Japanese Berserk website, we’re now getting some details on the game beyond when it’s coming and what it looks like.

First up in the new information rundown is the premise for the action bits, which – as we’d heard – features some musou one-vs-one-thousand style action gameplay, covered with a nice Berserk skin. It goes beyond that however, as the game also includes bits from the story’s “Golden Age Arc” all the way up to the end of the “Millennium Falcom Arc.” It details how protagonist Guts starts his journey, all the way up to where he gets his comrades in arms.

Basically, Berserk puts the world of the manga in the palm of your hands with PlayStation Vita, sharing intense scenes reproduced via the anime movie and 3D models. Who doesn’t want that?

Good news for those already familiar with the series’ movie has also been revealed, as the bulk of the main characters included in the game will be retaining the voice actors from the movie (and upcoming anime). Also, interactions between the members of the Band of Hawk that weren’t in the movie will be included in the mix – giving those who know the story something new to look out for.

Is this sounding good to you?

Well then you better check out the newly released screenshots and art below;

Berserk is due out in Japan on September 21st, and will hit the West at an as-of-yet-unannounced date. First-print copies of the game are set to include a wet outfit for Casca in Japan, so if that’s the copy you’re aiming for; buy early. 😉

  • Archbreaker

    It’s very surprising how Koei Tecmo just revealed Dynasty Warriors Eiketsuden and Berserk and then announced that their release dates are only just months away. I wouldn’t mind if they announced them earlier or now. I’m pretty hyped up regardless to see what they’ve got.

  • Daniel Dominguez

    Woa tecmo koei has evolved pretty nicely. Just hope it’s not just another dynasty warriors with berserk elements, but a nice game with its own mechanics and hopefully they just have to copy the story, so no problem there