Hello everyone, and welcome to the second ever VITAlity weekly news update.

This edition is a bit special, as not only is it our second ever, but it’s our first with our new setup! Jhon Carneiro, the man behind our magazine design, hooked us up with some snazzy new art and templates – which are already being put to good use. As for the background music; it’s basic, but it’s the result of a little playtime between me and some music making software. 😉

I hope you enjoy this week’s update, as it’s both jam packed with information, and newly capable of delivering that information with style. Check it out below!

Weekly News Update #2

A new episode of VITAlity will go live every Friday morning, exclusively via YouTube video. Make sure to subscribe to our channel, or check back Fridays to get your weekly dose of Vita news catch up. Also watch out for a VITAlity page akin to the one for The Vita Cast – which should be up very soon!

  • Joshua Simpkins

    Thanks for the update, Wakeling.