A brand new flash sale has been posted on the PlayStation Store, offering sales of up to 80% off.

This new flash sale on the North American PlayStation Store offers deals for games you can binge on – with discounts of up to 80% off, and nineteen portable titles on sale. If you need something to play this weekend, I’m sure you can find something to grab. 😉

Check ’em out!

  • ATOMIC NINJAS – Sale; $2.49 / Regular; $9.99
  • BLAZBLUE: CHRONO PHANTASMA EXTEND – Sale; $11.99 / Regular; $39.99
  • CHILD OF LIGHT ULTIMATE EDITION – Sale; $8.99 / Regular; $22.49
  • LEGO JURASSIC WORLD – Sale; $7.99 / Regular; $19.99
  • MURAMASA REBIRTH – Sale; $7.49 / Regular; $24.99
  • RACE THE SUN (3-WAY CROSS-BUY) – Sale; $3.99 / Regular; $9.99
  • SID MEIER’S CIVILIZATION REVOLUTION 2 PLUS – Sale; $7.99 / Regular; $19.99
  • SOUL SACRIFICE DELTA – Sale; $7.19 / Regular; $17.99
  • THE SWINDLE (3-WAY CROSS-BUY) – Sale; $5.99 / Regular; $14.99
  • THE WALKING DEAD: SEASON 2 – EP.1 & SEASON PASS – Sale; $5.99 / Regular; $19.99
  • THE WOLF AMONG US – Sale; $7.49 / Regular; $24.99
  • TITAN ATTACKS! (3-WAY CROSS-BUY) – Sale; $2.49 / Regular; $9.99
  • TOWERFALL ASCENSION (CROSS-BUY) – Sale; $7.49 / Regular; $14.99
  • WARRIORS OROCHI 3 ULTIMATE – Sale; $15.99 / Regular; $39.99
  • XBLAZE LOST: MEMORIES – Sale; $11.99 / Regular; $39.99
  • XCOM: ENEMY UNKNOWN PLUS – Sale; $7.99 / Regular; $19.99
  • ZERO ESCAPE: VIRTUE’S LAST REWARD – Sale; $7.49 / Regular; $24.99

There are also some PSP sales, though I’m unsure as to Vita compatibility;

  • MYST (PSP) – Sale; $2.39 / Regular; $11.99
  • T.A.C. HEROES: BIG RED ONE (PSP) – Sale; $3.59 / Regular; $11.99

What’re you picking up this time ’round?

  • Erik Gustafson

    Great sale! I’ll be grabbing XCOM and Steins;Gate.

  • I just bought child of light regular edition on the e3 sale…

    • Daniel Dominguez

      Awesome game, hope there is a second part

  • Slizarus

    Xcom or Civ Rev 2? Choices.

    The Swindle looks great too.

    • Joshua Simpkins

      XCOM is the way to go for sure. Way more intense of a game, even if the game isn’t fully optimized to goose the Vita’s aging silicon. It’s still a badass turn based strategy game.

      • Slizarus

        Went with Xcom, though Civ appeals too, XCOM has been fantastic, I love the vita version, it’s problems aside 🙂

        • Joshua Simpkins

          Great choice! 🙂

  • Zero Eternity

    Dangit! I just bought a physical version of chrono phantasma not even a week ago. Also how much better is the Delta version of Soul Sacrfice than the regular version?

    • It’s better in pretty much every way you can imagine.

      • Zero Eternity

        Okay, thank you Kyle, gonna have to pick that up then.

    • Joshua Simpkins

      Soul Sacrifice Delta is like Soul Sacrifice 1.8. It is practically a sequel in regards to all the new content that’s was added on top of the regular game. Definitely the “Definitive” edition to own. I believe Delta also has PS TV support where the original Soul Sacrifice does not. The graphics and resolution look sharper and better as well in Delta. I think the Devs optimized the graphics engine to run on the Vita when Delta was being developed. Pick up that version of the game for sure.

      I ordered myself the Asia English copy and gave my default generic physical copy of Soul Sacrifice to my brother. LOL

  • xxAcesHighxx

    Great sale! Here in the UK, however? Nothing!

  • CalamityCorp

    More like Cringe-worthy Flash Sale.

  • Joshua Simpkins

    Damn, all the sales on games I’m interested in? I already own them. Oh well, maybe next time around.

  • Thedrunkardkid

    Both the listed PSP games show up in the Vita store, so their presumably compatibile.

    Also, how it’s the Vita version of The Wolf Amount Us? I heard that it had performance issues, but I never found out if that was patched out.