Acquire has recently released some new information about the various systems in Akiba’s Beat.

We have more information on the battle system in the game. You’ll be allowed up to 4 party members with you in battle, you wont however be issuing commands to each of the party. Instead you fight using the attack button in combination with the cursor keys for different combinations.

Akibas-Beat_Battle sytem

There are only a few different attributes you’ll need to keep an eye on during the fight. First up are the staple Hit Points (HP) which when they hit 0 the character can no longer take part in battle. Skill Points (SP) are used for skills, physical or magical. Action Points (AP) are used for any actions you take, they will however recover over time in battle.


Lastly there is the Imagine Gauge. This is filled by attacking your enemies and once filled you’ll be able to trigger “Imagine Mode” allowing you to attack freely without consuming any AP.

Akiba’s Beat will also feature a trading card system. After purchasing and equipping a card you’ll be able to utilise the card’s “Two Title Skills”.

For example this card:

Akibas-Beat_Card Example

Has the skills “Pure Blooded” which halves SP consumption and “Spirit King” which doubles the effect of recovery magic.

There are over 100 cards featured in the game, so there will be plenty of ways to customise your play style with these cards.

Finally we have the Maid System, the system is used both in and out of battles. Whilst in battle the maids will tell you about enemies and warn you when allies are in trouble. Outside of battle they help out with navigating the field and dungeons.


so what do you think of these details? Anything there that has you interested? Let us know in the comments below.

Akiba’s Beat is set for release on PS4 and PS Vita in Japan this fall and in the winter for North America. Stay tuned to The Vita Lounge for more information as we get it.

  • Sam Lan

    So its real time battling like Ninokuni? Sounds fun I may preorder it now