Bandai Namco has released the North American launch trailer for God Eater: Resurrection.

Looking for something new to play? Interested in RPGs like Toukiden, Soul Sacrifice, or Monster Hunter? You might want to check out God Eater: Resurrection, as it’s a game in that same vein that you might just enjoy – a lot.

Check out the game’s launch trailer for a hint at why;

God Eater: Resurrection released yesterday on the North American PlayStation Network, and hits Europe on August 28th.

Are you picking it up?

  • Zero Eternity

    so Resurrection got a physical edition for PS4 as well huh….sigh.

  • Lester Paredes

    Begrudgingly, I will get it. I was hoping to get the same deal other countries got, buy the sequel, get the first for free… but I’ll have to wait, as I want to see the second entry more, as I’ve already played Burst on PSP. I wonder , aside from graphics, how different the two are… I bet the mechanics are better, since this came out after 2 in Japan.

  • Dirty Geeza

    Nahh looks pretty samey to me .. i will stick with Toukiden…, when it comes to monster hunter games …. Toukiden 2 looks like its going to blow all of these out the water .. i got soul sacrifice delta ages ago … and it looked awesome … but the game-play let me down hugely … same thing over and over .. goto a area ..slap a beast up ..repeat… over and over …. shame as the games graphics was outstanding … for my Vita … but the game slowly got ultra boring ….. Toukiden 2 is supposed to have a open world .. thats what this type of games needs ….