An hour’s worth of footage from Nippon Ichi Software‘s horror visual novel, Shin Hayarigami 2, has been released ahead of the game’s release in Japan on July 7th.

Shin Hayarigami 2 will be split into chapters with each chapter being a complete story. The game is aiming for a CERO Z rating, but it will depict fear that doesn’t fall into regulations. Previous systems such as Self-Question and Liars art will return to the series, as does protagonist Saki Houjou and will have a new appearance showing more of a character who has been through some difficult situations in their past.

The game is set to release on the PlayStation Vita, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 and has received a review of 32/40 in Famitsu – achieveing four 8/10’s in the magazines review format.

Check out the footage below (split across two videos) if you’re interested in the game and let us know your views of the game in the comments below!