Dragon’s Crown has vanished from the European PlayStation Network, and it seems that licensing is to blame.

Recently I’ve heard a few people complain that they couldn’t find action RPG Dragon’s Crown on the European PlayStation Network store – though being that we’ve seen that happen many times before in random acts of “ghosting” I didn’t put much thought to it. Silly me.

An exchange between Yian (@Mazyx) and NIS America in Europe (@NISAinEurope) via Twitter has filled us in on what really happened this time around, so check it out below;

According to NIS America in Europe’s response, the fact that their license to distribute the title is up seems to be the cause of the vanishing title this time around, which means that unless someone else picks up the Dragon’s Crown license in Europe it’s likely to remain gone from their PSN for good.

Thankfully however, there are still physical copies out there to be had – with the game available physically in North America, and easily imported. Being that European physical copies are also out of print now, I doubt going for one of those will be a cheap option. 🙁

All that said and done, what are your thoughts on the end of Dragon’s Crown purchases in Europe? Sound off in the comments below.

  • David Mayn

    We can only hope that other Atlus games won’t follow suit.

  • Kumiko

    Ugh, this is bull. Thank goodness I already had the game, and it’s safely backed up on my hard drive.

    • Kaetokiha

      You still can download it from the servers if you bought it. The bad thing is only for those who haven’t bought the game yet.

      • Kumiko

        Yes, I know that, but I always back them upon my PC regardless. Not only is it faster than downloading games over and over again, but you never know when a game can pull a P.T. on us.

        BTW, NISA has announced that atlus will release the game themselves on the European PSN. When, I do not known.

  • Lester Paredes

    BEHOLD! The future of an all digital age of gaming! This is why it’s always good to have physical releases alongside digital ones. This is garbage. Sorry EU friends.

    • Johnnie

      You can still redownload it if you purchased it previously.

      • Lester Paredes

        Yes, but what about the people who just got a vita and heard of this awesome co-op brawler. This game you can still find used, but what if people decide to put it for sale at ridiculous prices? Or some digital only release lost their licensing deal and vanished? There are a lot of games that only release digitally these days, and there’s never any warning if they’re about to vanish into the ether.

        • Johnnie

          I hear you, I was more so speaking for those who already had bought it and maybe deleted it because they ran out of room. I guess the only way this situation can be changed for the better is if a company license is set to expire, they should at least put out a press release.

          • Lester Paredes

            If game companies did that, it would be great. Hey our game is about to disappear, also it’s on sale. Buy it now of forever hold your peace!

  • xxAcesHighxx

    Is it still possible to re-download from our ‘Download List’ for those of us who’ve previously purchased the game?

    • Yes, that’s always the case unless the game has been pulled for exploit reasons IIRC.

      • xxAcesHighxx

        Cheers, Kyle! Thought that was the case, but wanted to double-check 🙂

  • Joshua Simpkins

    I echo Lester on this one. Digital only games are sorry AF! Physical is the ONLY way to go to prevent shit like this from happening to you. I still have my PSone games from when I was in middle school that continue to work perfectly to this day! Proof enough why physical games are the best way to go.

  • Johnnie
  • Buckybuckster

    And the evils of digital only releases strike again. Like folks have stated, you’re good if you have already purchased it, but I feel for those who will now miss out on one of the Vita’s best. I can understand the circumstances which lead up to this. And I can also understand digital only for indie releases. But this should NEVER be the case for major releases from a major publisher on ANY system. Somethin’ needs to be worked out or some deal made for our friends across the pond.