Nippon Ichi Software has released a new trailer for World’s Longest 5 Minutes, showing off the game’s main systems.

A game about the longest five minutes of a hero’s life, World’s Longest 5 Minutes depicts a hero’s memory of the past during a five minute fight with the demon lord – the interaction with the hero’s friends during the battle triggering lost memories as playable bits. While the battle with the demon lord is only five minutes, your journey through it will take a hell of a lot longer than that.

Check out the game’s latest trailer below, showing off the systems you’ll be utilizing during play;

World’s Longest 5 Minutes is due out in Japan on July 28th.

  • Buckybuckster

    Seeing that I’m old enough to have been around for every gen of gaming, the super 8-bit graphics are kinda cute and add a bit of nostalgia. Not everyone’s taste to be sure, but I like both the look and concept of it.