It’s time to squeeze into those flares and see if those platform shoes still fit as it looks like the grooviest twin stick shooter this side of the 70’s is heading to the Vita very soon!

Publisher Excalibur today announced that Out of Bounds’ funky title will be coming to PS Vitas toward the tail end of July.

Laser Disco Defenders is a very visually unique and quite frankly beautiful looking bullet hell twin stick shooter that pays homage to all things 70’s! Disco music, sci-fi and psychedelic visual effects all get sent up in this frantic looking title. Just have a look at the trailer below!

Laser Disco Defenders also promises a certain level of player customisation as you will be able to tinker with the look and style of your character before sending them off into the Disco Den. The Den comprises of a series of square rooms located aboard Lord Monotone’s (the games antagonist) flagship – The Screeching Solo.

Within these rooms players will have to traverse tougher and tougher obstacles as they attempt to navigate not only many different enemy types such the Trumpet Troopers (some seriously ungroovy dudes who will fill the Dens with an ever increasing amount of lethal lasers!) but also a plethora of environmental hazards (my favourite being the flashing tiles which will remind older gamers of classic disco dance floors).

Laser Disco Defenders certainly looks like a vibrant take on the genre and is certainly refreshing on the eyes! But most importantly – what do you guys think? Are you looking forward to Laser Disco Defenders? Let us know in the comments below and keep everything locked here at The Vita Lounge for all your handheld news! For everything we have covered so far concerning Laser Disco Defenders click right here! And I would throughly recommend the interview with Alexander Birke from Out of Bounds Games which should fill you in on everything you need to know about the game and what we can expect from it!

Laser Disco Defenders struts its way on to the dance floor in late July of 2016! We will update you as soon as we hear a definite date!