Life in plastic – It’s fantastic!

During the 5pb Festival 2016 the publisher has very graciously not only revealed a new handful of screenshots for their upcoming visual novel, but also gone into a bit of detail at some of the systems players can expect to be using when Plastic Memories launches in Japan later this year.

The game’s Schedule Mode is at the core of Plastic Memories and is the mode that players will primarily be concerning themselves with. The idea behind Schedule Mode is about the player creating memories with the games central heroine, Isla. Players will have one month to spend with Isla and over the course of the month they will have over 60 events at their disposal to chose from and organise in order to create these memories.

There is also a Petting Mode which will allow players to physically interact with Isla by performing touches and gestures via the PS Vita’s touchscreen. Isla herself will react and respond to the players touches depending on what they do.

Finally – Dress Mode was also detailed during the festival. Being able to chose the different outfits Isla wears appears to be more than just for cosmetic purposes. Player will also be able to choose specific dresses for specific events that they have created via the game’s Schedule Mode.

So there you have it! That’s all the info we have concerning Plastic Memories so far! Sound off in the comments below and let us know what your thoughts are! What do you think about Petting Mode? Interested to see it in play? Or is it likely to get censored the same way Fire Emblem’s similar mode did when it got its Western release? Have a gander at the screenshots below and remember for all your Vita news – Keep it locked right here at The Vita Lounge!