Bandai Namco has announced that they’re bringing the game based on The Asterisk War light novel and anime to North America, with a surprise for importers in the cards as well.

The Asterisk War: The Academy City on the Water – Phoenix Festa is coming to North America as A.W. Phoenix Festa, and it’s bringing with it a physical Asian version of the game with Japanese language audio and English subtitles. Importers check your wallets!


Based on the light novel and anime, A.W.: Phoenix Festa is set in the near future – not long after a disaster called the Invertia has destroyed many of the big cities on Earth.

Looking to recover from this event, the Integrated Enterprise Foundation is formed – and in the wake of that, cities are reorganized. A city once called Rikka becomes Asterisk, and in this city six academies hold tournaments for youth called “Festas.”

During these Festas, the students of the various schools fight against each other to prove their meddle. You are put in the shoes of one of these students, and will be tested as a person and as a fighter.

Are you ready?

The gameplay in A.W.: Phoenix Festa meshes dating sim elements and combat – offering numerous endings, and the ability to play as protagonist Ayato or an original character you create. It features relationships molded through battles and conversations with other characters, and it’s very nearly ready for you to take it on.

Coming to the North American PSN July 26th (yes, later this month) A.W.: Phoenix Festa is itching to put itself in your hands – with the Asian English physical version due out the very same day if digital isn’t your thing.

  • Tiny Rick

    Any pre-orders up for importers?