Aksys Games has announced a slough of new otome localizations at Anime Expo 2016, and we’ve got the details on just which ones will be making the jump.

Aksys Games has announced that they’ll be localizing otome games Bad Apple Wars, Collar X Malice, and Period Cube: Torikago no Amadeus for the PlayStation Vita – all three localizations due out in 2017.

Here’s a quick recap of what each of these games is about;

  • In Bad Apple Wars, you’re Rinka; a girl caught in an accident on her first day of high school. Instead of finding yourself dead however, you wake up in Nevaeh Academy – given a chance to return to your life by being a good student. That’s easier said than done, but of course you’re welcome to give it a shot!
  • In Collar X Malice, you play a female police officer in a dangerous, brutal version of Shinjuku. One night, you’re attacked and collared; poison inside. To get rid of the collar, you must work with former police officers to investigate the attacks going on in the city – trying to return yourself and your home to their former safe state.
  • In Period Cube: Torikago no Amadeus, you play a girl trying to find her missing brother. In order to do that, you’ve started playing the online RPG “Alkenyl Idia” with your childhood friend Hiroya. Big mistake. Swallowed by the game, you wake up in a fantasy world – the only way to escape being to beat the game, and everyone targeting you because of it.

Also revealed is the localization of Code: Realize ~Future Blessings~ – a fan disc with new routes, and that Aksys is looking into a localization for Hakuouki: Sweet School Life. That’s four or five otome titles coming our way, and plenty of hours of gameplay to experience (especially if you’re going for true routes)!

Do you have it in you? I do! 🙂

  • Sam Lan

    Collar X Malice really sounds good!

  • Maru Krisis

    I’m really excited for Bad Apple Wars: it’s /just/ the kind of game I really enjoy! I’m so glad that Aksys is bringing quality visual novels to NA: it makes me want to throw my money at them even more.

  • Joshua Simpkins

    It’s just heartbreaking to see how “dead” the PS Vita really is, huh? Severely mentally challenged Sony over here abandoning their handheld in the West, even after having to know how high the attach rate is for their system?

    I’m grateful that the Vita is alive and well, no matter any negative press or lack of any coverage the haters give it, including but not limited to Sony! LOL

    Some of these new games coming well into 2017 have my interest, that’s for sure.

  • Zero Eternity

    Period Cube? Newest Dot Hack?