In a surprise move, Aksys Games has announced that they’re bringing Tokyo Xanadu to North America. Who the hell saw that coming?

I’ll admit it, if someone would’ve asked me to bet that this game wouldn’t hit Western Vitas – I’d have taken that bet, and I’d have lost. With Tokyo Xanadu EX+ coming to PlayStation 4 as an enhanced port I never thought we’d be getting the original Vita version in the West, but thankfully I was dead wrong.

Tokyo Xanadu follows Kou Tokisaka, a 17 year old second year in high school who also happens to be a bad-ass. He and his friends do battle with in an alternate world, using weapons known as soul devourers to take on labyrinths full of monsters.

Sound like something up your alley?

Read up here, or check out some demo footage I captured below;

Announced during its AX2016 (Anime Expo) panel, Aksys Games will be bringing Tokyo Xanadu to North America during the first half of 2017. They’ll be bringing the game both physically and digitally, so rest assured you’ll be able to grab it however you please.

As for Europe, we’ve got our ears open – but haven’t heard a whisper yet. 🙁

Thoughts? Cries of love? Conspiracy theories? Sound off in the comments below!

  • uragayduck

    great for people who were looking forward to getting an English version of this. strange that it wasn’t XSEED who got it considering Falcom’s relationship with them. maybe Aksys saw potential in Falcom games and decided to steal it from them.

    looking forward to playing eX+ on the PS4. all those extra stories and goodies!

    • blackice85

      Yeah it sounds like the eX+ version is a significant upgrade, so I’ll probably wait for that myself.

    • Chizu

      Aksys have said they currently have no plans to localize eX+.
      I imagine Falcom approached XSEED to get this localized, since I know they did want it get it localized, but XSEED are pretty busy with quite a few titles right now which already includes several Falcom titles.

      • uragayduck

        oh i’m not waiting for a localization. it was all planned from the beginning to import for me especially in the case of the whole Sora SC localization fiasco, which to their credit is completely understandable (100+ hours playing Sora SC Evolution!). so props to any publisher taking on Falcom games. they’re a doozy.

        • Chizu

          Ah, fair enough. I wish I had any kind of understanding of Japanese so I could import. I wanna play the Crossbell games :'(

  • Chizu

    So glad we’re getting this, Been wanting it localized for a long time, Love Falcom. Glad they didnt ignore the vita version.

  • Kaboom

    … If it makes you feel any better, I would’ve lost that bet with you too. So glad this is coming over!