A unique font-based game involving puzzles is coming to PlayStation Vita next week, and it looks kind of insane.

Type:Rider is like nothing I’ve ever seen, invoking the typographic styles and techniques of the past to create a platforming puzzle game with dots, encased in a stimulating musical and visual environment. Produced by ARTE, Ex-Nihilo, and Audiogaming, it’s coming our way very soon – and it’s got its eyes on the speed-run crowd.

Along with ten different levels to explore (each level relating to a specific font), there will also be ten additional levels designed for speed runs in the new attack mode. This comes complete with a new leaderboard, so you can check your scores against the rest of the world.

Additionally, optional touch support has been invoked on Vita – giving you a reason to actually use that back touch many of us have deemed useless.

Type:Rider is heading our way July 12th in North America and Europe, with cross-buy support between Vita and PlayStation 4.

So what do you say, is it your type?