Developed by Spicy Tails, localized by Sekai Project, and released physically through Limited Run Games, World End Economica is coming to PlayStation Vita in 2017.

Yes, it’s finally happening. Announced as a possibility for Vita way back in June of 2014, and funded for release almost two years ago as of this post, we had no idea when or how Sekai Project was going to get World End Economica and other titles on Vita – especially after having so many revealed to have undergone so little progress earlier this year. Thankfully however, they finally seem to be getting things done. 🙂

A three part visual novel series from the writer of Spice and Wolf, World End Economica is coming to us with all three chapters in one package. It follows a young boy named Haru who has begun chasing a crazy dream; to stand where no man has stood before. Mind you, this is set far in the future and Haru lives on the moon – so he’ll be reaching a little more out there than we are!


In order to achieve his dream, Haru will need money… so he turns his sight to the stock market, and gets to predicting! But that’s easier said than done, especially when the first rule to the stock market turns on to be “never take a loss,” and its following rule is “never forget the first.”

Haru’s got his work cut out for him, don’t you think?

World End Economica has finally found a route to our hands and will release next year in digital and limited run physical versions. Will you be picking up a copy?