The news has been coming thick and fast this week concerning the newly announced Vita exclusive Idol Death Game TV. And it seems unlikely to abate as Famitsu have just published a host of new screenshots for the hotly anticipated title!

It looks as though the upcoming game seems to be taking inspiration from the schools of Danganronpa and Battle Royal as these Idols are forced into a life and death battle against each other whilst confided to a western style mansion.

The Idols themselves are divided into three teams -Teams Happy, Smile and Passion and will then have to explore the mansion whilst attempting to vanquish their rivals. One thing that isn’t clear at the moment is whether or not inter team killing is allowed. And of course this is an Idol game so expect there to be lots of singing and dancing along the way!

The magazine scans are below and remember they are scans so the quality isn’t perfect. And when you’ve had your fill of them please remember to sound off in the comments below! Has all this Idol Death Game TV news this week got you hyped yet? Let us know and remember to keep it locked here at The Vita Lounge for all your Vita news!

Idol Death Game TV will be released in Japan exclusively for PS Vita on October 20th.

  • Joep

    Although you have to be Japanese to appreciate (and understand) this idol-thing to the fullest, I think this could be very good, or a big dissapointed.

  • Lester Paredes

    Sounds interesting! It’s what American Idol should have been. Lol. And, hey! The obligatory anime mascot is here too! What is it? An anteater or tiny elephant?

    • Michael Sato

      He appears to be a baku, a dream eating monster from Japanese folklore. (Basically, Drowzee from Pokémon.) He’s named “Doripaku” (presumably from “doriimu” [dream] and “baku”) and is voiced by Kappei Yamaguchi. (Usopp in One Piece, Hifumi in Danganronpa, Teddie in Persona 4)

      • Lester Paredes


  • Maru Krisis

    I’m really excited for this game, especially since I’m moving to Japan very soon. I’m hoping that they end up bringing this West, because it look like it could be really fun and very good, though like Joep said, there’s room for this to be a big dissapointment. I’m hoping it’s not /too/ heavy on fanservice: so many JP only Vita games put me off because they’re too titilating, to say the least.