Aksys Games has announced a localization of Tokyo Twilight Ghost Hunters‘ extended edition.

The visual novel infused, strategic adventure RPG Tokyo Twilight Ghost Hunters: Daybreak Special Gigs World Tour is officially coming to North America thanks to Aksys Games, though the announcement doesn’t bring with it a lot of information. We know we’ll be getting it digital only on PlayStation Vita, and that it’s on it’s way, but we’re not sure when – not even a vague release window mentioned.

That said, guest writer Shizuka gave the original a score of 3.3/5 our review – stating “Tokyo Twilight Ghost Hunters is a nice addition to the Vita’s library, and is different from most games that are being released for the system lately – just don’t expect to be too impressed; ghosts exist, and middling games as well.”

I don’t know whether to be excited or not, what do you think? 😛

  • Kumiko

    I’m excited for it. I held off on getting the original so many times even thought it had some awesome sales on it because I was hoping they’d bring this version over. But I was beginning to think we wouldn’t get this at all, so yes, this makes me happy.

    The thing I’m the most excited about is the reworked battle system, since the original one seemed to be the most problematic part of the game. Hopefully this new one will make this otherwise interesting game more enjoyable.

  • Lester Paredes

    Awesome! I also geld iff on this game because news if an improved version surfaced almost right after the original release. While it stinks that it’s digital only, I’ll survive. And, honestly, I can only.blame myself for never buying the physical release of the base game, so there you go.