A new Mary Skelter trailer has been released by Compile Heart, showing off the game’s job system.

In Divine Prison Tower: Mary Skelter, the Chishiki Girls have the ability to change their “jobs” – which relate directly to their battle appearance, equipment, and skills. Each girl has a fixed job style, with the ability to change between jobs in their style.

Some of the revealed styles include ‘Fighter’ (Alice & Cinderella’s type) and ‘Magician’ (Thumbelina), and some of the specific jobs include ‘Paladin’ and ‘Destroy’ for the Fighter style, ‘Blood Witch’ and ‘Therapist’ for the ‘Magician’ style. ‘Item Tooler’ and ‘Poet’ are also revealed jobs, though we aren’t certain which styles they’ll fall under.

Check out some of these jobs in action below;

With over 20 jobs to choose from, you’ll have lots of choice for customizing your Chishiki Girls Squad to your liking – don’t you think?

Divine Prison Tower: Mary Skelter is due out in Japan October 13th.