Famitsu has revealed new details for the recently revealed Idol Death Game TV, filling us in on the setting, the plot, the way things work, and even some characters.

Idol Death Game TV revolves around the “Dream of Dreams” – an unscripted event set in a deolate old mansion. In this event a centre idol is to be decided, pulling from the over 200 members of idol group “Project 47.”

As the player you’ll choose one of these idols, and the story will change accordingly – offering exploration, judging, and “Death Concert” elements along the way. Exploration will have toy looking for items and talking to other idols, judging will be done on your dancing and performance, and finally Death Concert bits will have those who didn’t make it through judging killed. Interesting.

What else is interesting however, is that there’s a way to revive the fallen idols – with the trials of event leader Doripaku able to bring them back somehow. This definitely isn’t your run of the mill death game, that’s for sure.

Looking to characters revealed, we have the following idols;

  • Mariko Kamata – A rank 88 idol, with a 10-year long career and a comforting personality.
  • Chiharu Chigasaki – A rank 5 idol with an unusual way of things and a strong work ethic.
  • Shirase Tsubaka – A rank 15 idol, she’s the younger sister type and knows how to focus the emotions of a crowd. She’s a big fan of Mariko and Chiharu.
  • Ayaka Tennouji – A rank 6 idol with a strong sense of justice, she’s the leader of Team Smile.
  • Rito Karasuma A rank 43 idol, she’s a ditz but loves Ayaka.

Idol Death Game TV is due out in Japan on October 20th.