5pb has shared details on the save and load systems, the character animations, and more in its latest Anonymous;Code information update.

You know how in RPG and adventure games there are usually save points that you can load to resume your game once you’ve failed or died? Well in Anonymous;Code protagonist Pollon can do that with real life, and he does it on a universal scale.

The “Hacking Trigger” feature allows the player to become a whisper in Pollon’s ear, guiding him towards the right choice in any situation – including whether to use “Save & Load.” Because you don’t completely control him however (you’re just a whisper), he doesn’t always do things the way you ask.

In addition to the “Save & Load” ability, Pollon also has an “Auto Save” feature which works the same as it does for you as the player, and the “Load Count” feature which tracks both Pollon and your (the player’s) loads. This may affect the story in some way. 😉

Lastly,the character emotions in the game have been revealed to use an “e-mote” system where 2D animations move depending on the selected “e-mote.”

Currently being tidied up in the difficulty, speed, and interface areas, Anonymous;Code is coming along nicely – and is due out in Japan this Winter.

You in? Anonymously, of course. 😉

  • Lester Paredes

    That sounds interesting, but could be annoying depending on how often your ‘advice’ is taken or ignored. Still, I am intrigued.

  • srart

    Video not available in my country (USA)

    • Sorry about that, I always forget that their videos aren’t available in the US – I’ve fixed it with a new version. 😉