Koei Tecmo has revealed new details and media for Attack on Titan – this time focusing on the online Scout Mode, gear, and Decisive Battle Signal aspects.

First up we get new details on the online Scout Mode, which allows you to recruit up to three partners and take on the Titans outside the wall in high-octane gameplay action. You’ll start out at the camp before each mission; able to upgrade your gear, change your look, and prepare resources for your battles to come. The leader of the party is then able to pick a mission, which comes from a separate stock than those included in the main campaign.

As for the gear available to you, the game will give you plenty of opportunity to upgrade provided you have the currency to do so. Things that can be enhanced include your mobility gear’s anchors, blades, and scabbards – which allow quicker/greater reach, different lengths and/or quality of weaponry, and additional supplies (respectively).

Lastly, we get word regarding the Decisive Battle Signal, which can be sounded once the Decisive Battle Meter has been filled by good work as a member of the Corps. Sounding the Decisive Battle Signal calls everyone in your vicinity to your side, allowing you to deal out a great amount of damage with no loss of resources. Those blades stay sharp, and gas reserves stay steady while active… so hack away! 😉

Check out a video showing off the Decisive Battle Signal, and three character showcase videos below (captured from the PS4 version for those wondering);

Decisive Battle Signal




Attack on Titan
is already available in Japan, but is releasing August 26th in Europe, and August 30th in North America.