Nighthawk Interactive has paired with Renegade Kid to bring their Mutant Mudds sequel to PlayStation Vita later this month.

The sequel to 2012’s popular side-scrolling platformer Mutant Mudds, Mutant Mudds Super Challenge is headed to PlayStation Vita later this month with over 40 new levels, 5 mighty bosses, and brand 5 new pixel art worlds.

It arms characters with a water cannon and a jetpack – sending them to run, leap, crouch, hover, and shoot their way through enemies and environmental hazards. You’ll be able to augment gameplay with power ups, increasing hover time, giving you a vertical boost, or equipping a power shot. Hidden pathways offer pick-ups, and there are 20 unlockable characters to find along the way.

Check out the announcement trailer for a look at the game in motion;

Headed to PlayStation Vita July 26th, Mutant Mudds Super Challenge will be cross-buy with PlayStation 4.

Will you be grabbing it? 🙂

  • xxAcesHighxx

    Is MMSC coming to SCEE governed shores, do we know? Loved it on 3DS and definitely worth a double dip!

    • shadowman

      I was wondering about this as well. MM never made it to Europe on the Vita so I just grabbed it on my American profile instead (100%ed the game, loved every moment of it!) but I’d rather not have to juggle profiles on the Vita, and it’d be much better to either a) have it released on the Euro store, or b) after Xeodrifter selling out, it’d be nice to have Limited Run Games team up with Renegade Kid again to release a region free version of MM & the Super Challenge pack.

  • Lester Paredes

    Oh man, I could never finish this game. I was able to beat all the regular levels, but when I tried doing the shadow (?) Levels, I got my ass kicked. I had to put it down.