The new issue of Weekly Famitsu has revealed some new details for the newly announced Samurai Warriors: Sanada Maru.

The game, as the title suggests, will follow the House of Sanada and focuses on Sanada Yukimura and will follow Yukimura throughout his life from a young child up to his prime.

Although this is a Samurai Warriors title, the game will feature all new systems for the franchise. Rather than your traditional menus and screens between battles you will instead have a town to navigate and access all the functions you’d find at the main menu.

The town will host other characters you can talk to and give gifts for rewards. This is similar to the features of towns in the Dynasty Warriors franchise. There is also a fishing mini-game to enjoy in your down time which can earn you rewards such as materials for synthesis.

Here is where the franchise seems to take its biggest departures from the main games. Sanada will be able to explore the landscape, it’s unclear how deep this exploration will be though, you can find new items or even side missions and enemies to fight.

Battles also play out slightly differently, rather than one battle there are now several battles across different battlefields, these are now known as “Long-Term Battles”. For example the “Battle of Kawanakajima” features 3 battles to clear – “Saijosan Breakthrough”, “Battle of Hachimanpara” and finally “Zenkouji Pursuit”.

You’ll also be able to trigger certain strategies to help you out in battle such as calling in reinforcements or building a bridge at a strategic location. In order to utilise these strategies though you will need to meet certain requirements in battle or pre-battle in the town.

There are a few other bits of information from Famitsu that are worth noting. All of the military commanders that have appeared so far will be playable in some way and the developers are working on a free mode type game mode for the game. There are also more commanders planned for the game so there will still be a large roster for the game it seems.

Last but not least it was teased that the release date for the game will be “around the time the Taiga drama reaches its climax”, so time to get the calender’s out and start figuring out dates.

There’s a lot there to digest and it’s interesting to see how they are attempting to differ from the main franchise. What do you think so far? Are they onto something here? Let us know in the comments below.

Samurai Warriors: Sanada Maru is due to release in 2016 for Japan on PS4, PS3 and PS Vita. Stay tuned to The Vita Lounge for more information as we get it.

  • Archbreaker

    There have been a lot of announced games and playable demos from Koei this year, and many of those games are being developed by Omega Force and are releasing this year. Now they’re adding this one to the list? They are really killing it this year.

  • cannedpete

    This sounds very interesting. Will definitely be on the look out especially if it resembles anything like Way of the Samurai.