Last Wings soars onto PS Vitas in North America this week and is copiloted by a features trailer!

The online dogfighting shooter has taken off on PS4 and Vita and not only supports cross buy, but as can be seen in the trailer below – showcases a whole wealth of online play and customisation options!

Supporting up to 4 players in local mode pilots are also given the option to test their aerial fighting skills online with up to 10 other players!

As displayed in the trailer your plane not only comes equipped with a load of customisation options so you can customise your craft to your style of play, but also a fair amount of game modes. These modes consist of –

Score Attack:
Individual combat, all against all, last plane standing, pure unadulterated chaos! The winner is the one to kill most airplanes first.

Team Fight:
Combat in teams, self explanatory – the winning team is the one to down the most enemy airplanes first.

Team Fight Rounds:
Team combat which takes place over a series of rounds. Each plane only possesses one life and the spoils of victory goes to the team that wins most rounds.

Base Attack:
Team based combat and the enemy base is the target! The winning team is the one that annihilates the enemy base first!

What are your thoughts on Last Wings? Need some quick and simple online fun to keep you occupied at the moment or is Luftrausers more your cup of tea when it comes to arcadey flight based combat? Remember to sound off in the comments below to let us know and keep everything locked right here at The Vita Lounge for all your Vita related news!

  • Rodolfo Ferreira

    Air combat games have been very disappointing on the Vita. I’ll wait to see what the reviews say about this one.

  • Steve Jaworski

    So Luftrausers multiplayer style? Seeing the thumbnail got me excited but the video didn’t annoy me this isn’t in EU. I was hoping a first / third person title in the way of the brilliant Heroes of the Pacific. Would throw money at that in a heartbeat.