Hyper Awesome Entertainment has announced that its tag-team brawler RPG Dungeon Punks will be coming worldwide to PS Vita on August 16th. The game will also be crossbuy with the PS4 version which is due out on July 26th.

The game’s story sounds interesting; A group of misfit delivery-men accidentally stumble upon the darkest secrets of the RezCorp resurrection insurance agency, and find out that life is a heck of a lot easier when you’re toeing the company line. Their quest to expose the truth and take down the head honchos pits them against a band of mutants, monsters, and weirdos who will stop at nothing to kill them. Then again, death is no longer a problem, as long as you’ve paid your resurrection insurance premium.

You’ll be able to recruit a crew of six mutant heroes who you can use to blast your enemies senseless with their magical spells and combo attacks. Real-time party play will allow you to take control of any of the heroes fighting alongside you at any time. You can also have a friend or two tap in and join you on your adventure.

Check out the teaser trailer for the PC version and a couple of screenshots below: