The highly anticipated Vita exclusive Idol Death Game TV has just revealed its first direct feed screenshots and they look gorgeous!

Today D3 released some sumptuous new screens along with a bit more information about the game and characters.

The titular Idols in Idol Death Game TV all belong to a group called Project 47 which is over 200 members strong. However due to its constant recruitment drive Project 47 must hold a contest every year in which the members have to participate – this contest is called Dream of Dreams.

As we have already previously mentioned in another article – The Idols themselves are divided into three teams -Teams Happy, Smile and Passion. However we now know that Team Happy is made up of members from the Kanto region whilst members of Team Smile all hail from Kansai.

There are also some characters introduced which our own Karl detailed in his piece on Idol Death Game TV last week. These characters are Chiharu Chigasaki, Mariko Kamata and Tsukuba Shirase from Team Happy, and Ayaka Tennoji and Marito Karasuma from Team Smile (Team Passion characters have yet to be introduced). One new character that is detailed in a bit more depth however is Doripaku who, to all intents and purposes, looks to be filling out the Monokuma role in this title. The little host of the show (who looks suspiciously like Cyril Sneer) even sounds like he will posses the same mood swings as everyone’s favourite demonic teddy – happy and joking one minute and murderous the next.

Who lives and dies in Idol Death Game TV is entirely dependant on the actions of the player. Idols will compete in challenges until there is literally one Idol left standing at the end of the ordeal.

Each stage seems to follow a similar cycle – Doripaku will introduce the challenge and then the player is free to explore the mansion where the show takes place, digging for clues or anything to give them an advantage. Interestingly, during this exploration time players are also free to interact with other Idols. Doing this seems to be key to the overall outcome of the game as you are not only allowed to exchange information with them, but also employ ‘dirty tactics’ such as exposing scandals in order to raise your awareness and lower your opponents.

As is detailed in the screenshots below – when an Idol is ‘eliminated’ it is done through a process called Death Live which also has strong Danganronpa pangs about it (One of them even seems to be baseball themed!). So have a gander at the gallery below!

So are you guys still as hyped as we are? Seriously, regardless of how similar it may look to certain other titles it looks as though Idol Death Game TV is shaping up to be a very special game indeed. What do you think about the screenshots? Let us know in the comments below and remember that for all your Vita news, previews and reviews keep it locked right here at The Vita Lounge!

Idol Death Game TV will be released exclusively on the PS Vita in Japan on October 20th.

  • Michael Sato

    This game looks so amazing. The Danganronpa influence is obvious and the contrast of sugary sweet idols and horrible deaths is fun. Also, as an idol game, I’m expecting some sweet tunes out of this too.

  • Florin Emil

    Idol game + mistery + murder + waifus = SOLD.
    Let’s just hope for a western release.

  • Lester Paredes

    I’m already rooting for the girl in the Blue dress with the long hair. I sure hope this comes west!

  • moreover

    Looks real intriguing. Wonder if XSEED is interested in this.