It’s time to train your dragon as Genjuu Keiyaku Cryptract is getting ported to PlayStation Vita in Japan under a new name!

That’s right folks! When July 21st rolls around those of you fortunate enough to either have a Japanese PSN account and (more importantly) are fluent in Japanese will have a new free to play title to add to your library!

Japanese publisher Lionsfilm have just announced that Bank of Innovation’s mobile game Genjuu Keiyaku Cryptract will be getting ported to Sony’s handheld very soon under the title Shoujo to Dragon: Genjuu Keiyaku Cryptract (which roughly translates to – Girl and Dragon: Phantom Beast Contract Cryptract). Have a look at the trailer and the stunning artwork contained in the game below!

From what we know so far – the game is an RPG and will be retaining its free to play status meaning expect micro transactions aplenty if you do decide to pick this up. Speaking of which – it is entirely possible to pre register for the game now if you do have a Japanese PSN account, just follow this link to do so!

And because I care – here are some screenshots we have managed to get a hold of for you to peruse just in case your appetite needed more whetting!

So what do you think? Hopeful that maybe (as slim as a chance it is) we’ll see a Western release? Do you have a Japanese account and are already pre registered? We’d love to hear from you in the comments below! And remember for all your Vita news, reviews and previews – keep it locked right here at The Vita Lounge!

Shoujo to Dragon: Genjuu Keiyaku Cryptract will be released in Japan on PS Vita on July 21st as a free to play title.

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