Courtesy of the Weekly Famitsu, a new game from Bandai Namco has been revealed for PS Vita.

Macross Delta Scramble will be based on the Macross Delta anime and will let players loose with Variable Fighters and three stages of transformation (that’s one more than Optimus Prime!).


So are you excited for a Macross Delta game? What do you want to see most from this title? Let us know in the comments below.

Macross Delta Scramble will release on PS Vita on the 20th October in Japan. Stay tuned to The Vita Lounge for more information on the game as we get it.

  • Sagadego15

    no chance of us release ’cause of Harmony Gold

    • leingod

      Don’t they own the rights to the first Macross series only though?

      • Sagadego15

        minus macross plus and macross II, they’re the reason why any of the other macross anime hasn’t been released in the west.

  • uragayduck

    you better believe it. preordering this as soon as i find out what the store exclusive extras in Japan are. strange as to why they didn’t do a PS4 release too.

  • cannedpete

    Wish it was an o.g. Macross game with subs. Still have the 30th Anniversary game for PS3 unopened cause I need to play it with my tablet next to me opened to the faq.