Alexander Birke from Out of Bounds has taken to the PlayStation Blog to announce the official release date for Laser Disco Defenders.

It’s official; the twin-stick laser shooting bullet hell game with style from a way back – Laser Disco Defenders – is headed to PlayStation Vita July 26th, with cross-buy kicking in down the line when it releases on PlayStation 4. Go portable now, and play at home when it releases later!

In addition to that great news however, Alexander has revealed a few new suits for the game – giving you more options to customize your gameplay. We’ve now got a look at the Visor, Chrome Suit, and Moon Boots variants – all thee outlined below.

Visor is a customization that adds a sensor to your aiming line, showing when a shot is going to hit an enemy so you don’t waste any ammunition. Perfect for the sniper, or the bullet-counter in the crowd.

Chrome Suit is a customization that allows for a rapid-fire stream of laser beam shots. It’s less accurate, and leaves lots of bouncing beams afterwards, but it’s good for a bit of calculated fly ‘n’ fire.

Moon Boots is a customization that slows things down like a moon-suit equipped astronaut bouncing lazily across the moon. You’ll have to watch out for lasers from a larger distance though, as it’ll take you longer to dodge.

Pair ’em up, or use ’em solo when Laser Disco Defenders launches July 26th.

You in?

  • xxAcesHighxx

    Picking this up for sure!