Strap on your adult underwear and prepare to be scared! Developer Domaginarium are bringing their third person horror platformer, The Nightmare From Beyond, to PS Vita and PlayStation 4 in 2017! BEYOND!

The game’s IndieDB page describes itself as ‘a cosmic-horror third person platformer inspired by the works of H. P. Lovecraft‘ asking you to imagine a cross between Tomb Raider and classic cosmic horror.

In The Nightmare From Beyond you assume the role of Sanja. The game’s protagonist is from a tribe of people known as D’nyg and Sanja must explore the mysterious and terrifying land she inhabits in order to find her sister, Dajana.

During the course of her horrifying adventure Sanja will uncover secrets concerning the land leading to horrifying revelations as she deciphers what the land is, what is happening there and why her sister was taken in the first place. All the while whilst being watched and observed by unspeakable terrors from the shadows…

Domaginarium promise that several key features will be included in the final product and talk about some of them in brief detail below;

Uncover an engaging story: The Nightmare from Beyond presents an oppressive and gripping tale about corruption and inmorality, inspired by different works of the Lovecraft mythos.

Survive the horrors: It doesn’t matter how brave Sanja is, soon she’ll realize she’s completely defenseless against the unspeakable horrors she’ll face.

Explore diverse environments: Explore different labyrinthine areas, from mysterious ancient temples to quaint alien locations.

Face environmental challenges: Traverse the environments as you leap over massive pits, cling onto ledges, climb structures and solve puzzles to advance in your quest.

Uncover the secrets: Find different gadgets and use your skills to reach new areas and learn more about the mysterious land.

The trailer, which opens by stating that what follows is a work in progress, gives us a little taste of what we can expect from the final product. I definitely get some Silent Hill and Souls vibes from what we have seen so far. Have a look below and tell us what you think.

We also have some screenshots for you to peruse at your leisure below. Some of them most certainly give off the Lovecraftian inspired cosmic horror the guys at Domaginarium were talking about.

So what do you, dear readers, think about The Nightmare From Beyond? I’m certainly remaining optimistic! We don’t have too many horror titles to boast about on the Vita and I think that if done correctly, and the cosmic horror themes handled well, we could be looking at a very unique and interesting title indeed! Only time will tell, so for now all that remains for me to say is for you all to remember – as always – that for all your news, reviews and previews keep it locked right here at The Vita Lounge!

The Nightmare From Beyond will release on PS Vita and PlayStation 4 in 2017.

  • Giant_Z

    Our PS vita really needs that kind
    of third person horror games!
    Thanks for this good news!

  • leingod

    As long as it runs well, I’m game!

  • I hope it won’t be too alien for me not to get scared. Environments that’s far from the reality that I’m used will most likely be viewed as fantasy than horror. I hope it won’t end like that.

  • Lester Paredes

    I hope it’s good!

  • pkmaximum

    Oh shit….this game looks hella good

  • Buckybuckster

    Looks interesting. The Vita is in dire need of another great horror game.