Gust has released some new screenshots for Atelier Firis: The Alchemist of the Mysterious Journey and also some details on some of the characters and gameplay.

Sophie Neuenmuller (voiced by Yuka Aisaka and illustrated by NOCO) is a bright young alchemist who teaches Firis. Sophie has left her hometown to travel the world and to try to pass the alchemist certified exam.


Plachta (voiced by Yuka Iguchi and illustrated by Yuugen) is also making a return! She’s more serious than Sophie but she is a great teacher to Sophie as well as giving advice and guidance to Firis.


Oskar Behlmer (voiced by Seiichiro Yamashita and illustrated by NOCO) is Sophie’s childhood friend but he is looking quite a bit slimmer then when we last saw him. He has the rather unique ability of being able to understand plants.


Drossel Weissberrg (voiced by Ari Ozawa and illustrated by Yuugen) is an easygoing curious playwright. She was taught how to fight by her father and she’s very talented at it, unfortunately she has a rather poor sense of direction.


So, you might be wondering how Firis ends up a student of Sophie? Well, Sophie and Plachta travel to the town where Firis lives and after witnessing some of Sophie’s alchemy Firis thinks that maybe if she learns how to use alchemy she’ll be able to leave town too. So she decides to become Sophie’s apprentice. Firis’ parents are strongly opposed to her leaving town and so Firis is trying to learn alchemy in order to persuade them.


After Firis shows the people of her town the power of alchemy she is allowed to travel outside. However only under the condition that she has to return back to town unless she can pass the next alchemist certified exam. The next exam is in a years time.

Firis has the ability to perform Superdreadnought Synthesis. This is a very special kind of synthesis which will require far more ingredients than normal synthesis. If successful however then the results will greatly impact her journey.

The battle system in Atelier Firis will be turn based. The effects of items & magic will vary depending on the weather and the time of day. There will also be a gauge on the left hand side of the screen which will fill up throughout the battle to allow you to unleash powerful Chain Burst attacks.

A new twist on the battle system is the ability for characters to equip two types of weapons; a main weapon and a sub-weapon.

There will be a couple of unique costumes available. First-print copies of the game in Japan will include the “Resort Vacation” costume for Firis and all limited edition copies will include the “Wonderland” costume, also for Firis.

Atelier Firis: The Alchemist of the Mysterious Journey is due out in Japan on September 29 with no word yet on a Western release date. While we’re waiting for more news why not check out more of the gorgeous screenshots and artwork below!