Muteki Corp has announced that they’ve partnered with Limited Run Games for a physical run of their newest Dragon Fantasy release.

Based on the previously released Dragon Fantasy Book II, Dragon Fantasy: The Black Tome of Ice is a revamped version of the title that looks to include those who never played Dragon Fantasy Book I, as well as improve things from its last iteration in every way.

As for what the game’s actually about, here’s the description from the press release;

“Join Ogden and the heroes of Westeria in this classic JRPG epic, Dragon Fantasy: The Black Tome of Ice! Travel through the frozen wastelands of Tundaria, experiencing action-packed battles without random encounters, using spatially aware Area-of-Effect attacks and power moves. Travel by pirate ship, defending against enemies in thrilling ship-to-ship rock monster combat! Defeat oncoming hordes of demons and huge bosses that threaten the entire world of Dragon Fantasy!”

Add into that tons of tweaks and improvements (such as new dialogue, a bestiary, new items, new bosses, and even a difficulty slider) and you’ve got The Black Tome of Ice – Dragon Fantasy Book II’s ultimate form. 😉

But when are we getting it?

Well, it looks like September is the month to watch out for, though an exact release date hasn’t yet been given. Muteki Corp recommends you follow their Twitter and/or Limited Run Games’ Twitter for updates, and I think that’s a great idea.

Dragon Fantasy: The Black Tome of Ice is going physical sometime this September; are you going to grab yourself a copy?